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Who Am I

Hey there!! I’m Gunnar Andrews, but on the internet I go by g0lden. Dive into my world of cybersecurity, software magic, and IT wizardry. Been at it for about 5 years now, and man, what a ride it’s been!

I currently have a Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering where I focused on software development and cybersecurity. I also currently hold an OSCP, OSWA, and OSWE. I love to spend time in the bug bounty community, and I also enjoy building new tools for the community!

How I Got Into Cyber

I grew up as a gamer, and just like any other young kid back in the day, my accounts got hacked/stolen. I was upset of course, but I was even more curious HOW someone was able to do that?! Down the rabbit hole I went. I started messing with small games for fun, and when I went to college I focused on both software and cybersecurity. After leaving college, I got into the offensive security scene as fast as possible and never looked back!

Stuff I’m Good At

  • CyberSec Stuff: Mainly into Pentesting, AppSec, all things offensive security. I am mainly focused on web, but have dabbled in mobile, web3, and cloud hacking as well!
  • Dev Shenanigans: Rocking mainly Python & Go to create automation and scripts that assist myself and other hackers. I love creating software as it provides an extremely enjoyable challenge.
  • IT Adventures: I love all things operations and infrastructure. I spend a lot of time messing around in the cloud, and also on-premise in my own home lab! Containerization, kubernetes, DevOps, GitOps, and IaC are passions of mine too!

Things I Swear By

  • Never stop learning
  • The mind quits far before the body
  • Any large goal takes a village!

What I Do For Fun

If I’m not buried in terminals or code editors, catch me at the gym getting after it, or online somewhere gaming with my friends! I love to play and coach hockey, and nothing feels more like home than the rink. I like to travel as well, and hopefully will be doing more of it going forward.

Chat With Me

Got a meme to share? Wanna chat about the latest security topic? Or just wanna geek out? Ping me on LinkedIn or Twitter, or join my discord.

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